About us

Our Mission  – Making Sustainability a Reality

Sustainability is the next evolution of our society and our mission is to engage us all on that journey. 

There are very good reasons for moving towards sustainability, not least of which is creating a better future but also that using less resources saves us money and also feels good too!

Currently we are disconnected from the effects of our actions.  That is, we don’t see the effects, because they occur somewhere else in the world or to someone else.  Did you know?.. Oil and fish stocks are projected to be exhausted by 2050. What does that mean?  What effect will that have on you, your children and your business? What can you do?  The good news is you have the power… what you do matters and you are the only solution.

“Until we reconnect with the effects of our actions and feel the effect they are going to have on our lives we are not going to change”  – icologie

By engaging in the sustainability conversation, the reasons and opportunities for change become apparent and compelling. Wherever you are starting from, icologie is here to assist your journey to sustainability.

“Ecology is the study of how all the thing on our earth interact and work together.  icologie is about us understanding our place in these processes, changing and working together with nature for a sustainable future.” – icologie

The icologie team are committed to promoting this vision.  We have a broad range of skills, a comprehensive background in sustainability and significant experience in the commercial, educational and governmental areas.  We offer the inspiration, motivation, mentoring, leadership, training, skills, project management, support and networking you will need.