Andy Le May Biography

“Our level of social and environmental destruction is directly proportional to our inability to see the whole picture.  When we reconnect and see ourselves as a part of the many cycles in nature we will ensure our survival”

Andy is a geek that can connect with people.  Basically he likes finding out how things work and fixing things.  Boy has he picked something to fix this time.

“Sustainability is a big challenge in our society and an opportunity to ensure a future we all want.  The solution is an old but new way of thinking that affects every part of our modern world.  For our current society so prosper we need to reinvent everything we do.  This is a healing enjoyable challenge and an amazing opportunity for us all.” 

As well as working in the corporate world Andy has travelled and worked  around Africa and Asia promoting cultural immersion, empathy and personal development through running teams of voluteers working in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, organising NGO’s to put on a childrens’ festivals in a war torn areas, to encouraging participation through the creation of short films promoting volunteering on social & environmental community projects.

“Our approach is to help those we touch to feel inspired and powerful about what they can do to drive sustainability.  We don’t tell others what to do, but rather share with them what we have found and let them make their own decisions.  We help them to feel the impact of their choices on our future and how they can influence and drive the future they would like to see.” 

Andy studied Computer Science and gained a 2.1 honours Degree in 1988, when computers were all very new. After having worked in the corporate software market for 16 years and been Marketing Director for a software company he co-founded he has also learned to communicate complex messages to a wide range of people.   He is able to act as the conduit between non-technical and technical people and make practical propositions of ideas and technologies.  A creative, out of the box thinker, able to strategise, contribute to complex discussions and distil and package information to make it real for people, whatever their background.  This is how he used to look in those day!

Andy’s favorite quote at the moment is…

“In the end we will conserve what we love, we will love what we understand and we will understand what we are taught” Baba Dioum

This underlies much of the reason for icologie. i-cologie is about reconnecting us, the “i”, with the ecology, the processes in nature, that supports our existence.

“At the moment we are seriously disconnected and destroying the very environment that supports us all… I believe we are doing this because we don’t understand the implications of our actions, we are disconnected, distracted, not looking and not informed.  Hence icologie is reconnecting us with our power and place in that ecology.  The journey to the sustainability of humans can take many paths, our current path will lead to the survival of a just a few.  The future we will live will largely be the result of our choices and  I want to see that journey leave all of us empowered, fulfilled and well.”

Andy loves nothing more that sharing what he has found.  He has an uncanny gift for bringing all these many strands of information together and then presenting it in a way that is engaging, motivating and empowering. He talks and lectures on sustainability at conferences, businesses, events, universities, schools etc. Andy also runs a facebook group call Awareness films and talks that promotes sustainability awareness, discussion and solutions in Cape town

As well as this Andy is involved in promoting electric vehicles. Check out and look out for him on his electric scooter!