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On 22 August 2010, in News, by Andrew Bennett

Well, this is a different way to look at things…

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If you sing when you shower, choose shorter songs, take a shorter shower, and watch how much money you save on your electricity bill, says the City’s Electricity Saving Campaign.

Residents can save substantial amounts of money by reducing the amount of electricity they use. The easiest way to start doing this is to take shorter showers. Water heating, including laundry, bath, dish washing and cooking, comprises between one-third and one-half of a resident’s monthly electricity account, and the more hot water people use, the more it costs.

With the cost of electricity increasing from 1 July 2010, the City has spent considerable time researching what simple actions residents can take to save electricity. Using electricity more efficiently is also the most environmentally-friendly and easiest way to reduce the risk of power cuts and decrease our carbon footprint.

The City has devised a practical checklist to encourage residents to save. This will be sent out as an insert to the rates account and will be in the form of a fridge magnet. There are a number of ‘no cost’ actions which enable residents to save at least 10%. Investing less than R1 000 will save more – up to 30%. And investing in options such as solar water heating and insulation will save the most – altogether you can save up to 50% of a home’s electricity cost.

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