Blue Gold – Showing 14th of December at 18:00 @ the Hub

Filmmaker Sam Bozzo examines the growing battle over control of the global water supply.  This film examines how major corporations and financial institutions are buying up territories where large water supplies can be found, the fight to protect the Great Lakes, allegations that one of the world’s most powerful political families is attempting to corner the market on water in Paraguay, and what ordinary citizens can do to keep the water supply free and shared fairly by all.

For the films web site click here.


The film is showing at The Hub in Woodstock on the 14th of December at 18:00.   For location details, directions and a map please click here.  We will be starting the film at 18:45 so please come around 18:00 to eat, drink  and network.

Our fabulous food sponsor “Butlers” were not able to sponsor us for this film but some food and drink is available for those that would like for a small charge.


Awareness Films and Talks

This group is here to share lots of great information and ideas about how to change our world for the better.  We examine and discuss social and environmental challenges and solutions that affect all the creatures who share this planet.  The format is to have a guest film and/or speaker and interactive discussion mixed with food and drink.  Just the sort of creative mind candy we need to drive positive action.

This forum is open to anyone to contribute,  share and drive change.

Full Film

For those of you that can’t make it, can’t wait or want to see it again!  Here is the link to the film on You tube.

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