Cape Union Mart is going GREEN…

On 30 May 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

As South Africa’s destination outdoors company, Cape Union Mart is taking a stand to protect the natural environment which they, along with their customers, value so highly.

In fact, eco-conscious outdoor equipment has never been as easily accessible. Take their revolutionary K-Way Enviro fleece jacket, for example. Crafted from over 50% recycled waste products such as used plastic, fibre scraps and old fabrics, you’d never tell it apart from other jackets.

Their Laken aluminium water bottles are also as good-looking as they are for the earth. 100% recyclable, and 100% inert, aluminium products can be endlessly remanufactured using just 5% of the energy and emission originally required to produce the virgin product. Another option is their Polar Go Green Bottle – a reusable bottle that minimises landfill and is fully recyclable. Then there’s their range of high-quality K-Way PrimaLoft Eco sleeping bags. Lightweight and water resistant, they are insulated with earth-friendly PrimaLoft® Eco materials that combine 50% recycled material with PrimaLoft virgin fibres for highly effective thermal insulation.

While you’re picking up the latest environmentally friendly products in their stores, their team is doing its part behind the scenes too. Their head office is part of Cape Town’s waste minimisation and recycling programme, which assists with an in-house recycling programme. They’ve also reduced electricity consumption at the head office, by removing unnecessary light bulbs and lighting tubes.

These endeavours are carefully controlled by an Environmental Committee which meets to discuss their progress, setting out eco-friendly strategies. Each Cape Union Mart stores has also elected an Environmental Ambassador to submit suggestions. For example, in the next few months, they’ll be introducing recycled packaging and swing tags on selected products.

Entrusted with such a magnificent planet, they’re committed to protecting the great outdoors for our children and theirs in turn.

The Cape Union Mart Group is based in Cape Town and currently houses 5 major local brands – Cape Union Mart, South Africa’s favourite outdoor store and the group’s flagship brand, K-Way, an extremely popular technical range of outdoor clothing and gear, Old Khaki, a casual fashion brand available in over a dozen stand-alone stores, Sparks and Ellis, a uniform company and the latest addition, Poetry, an eclectic lifestyle concept store for women.

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