On Thursday, 07 July 2011 icologie hosted another lunch time talk at Intaka Island in Century City. Participants took their seats after warming their bellies with quality Intaka Island soup, bread rolls and coffee (alas, the soup recipe is unfortunately not available).

The aim of the lunch-time presentation hosted by the ever charismatic Andy Le May (icologie’s MD) – who rode in on an electric scooter prouder than Valentino Rossi after his umpteenth MotoGP Championship – was to raise awareness around the importance of saving energy in the work place and at home. Moreover, the point was to show just how easy it really is to start saving power and really make a difference.

As most are already feeling, the price of electricity in South Africa is in the middle of a 415% hike; most recently (1 July) it went up approximately 19% (dependent on the consumer’s tariff rate). These increases are being felt in the pockets of all South Africans and many are looking at ways to curb their consumption.

One of the easy-to-implement take-away’s from the lunch hour talk was the use of the household geyser. Many of us are unaware that our geyser usually counts for 40% to 60% of our electricity bill. With the use of an insulating blanket and an automatic timer, lots of money can be saved.

The Electricity Savings Campaign of the City of Cape Town, implemented by icologie, has a range of tips of what you can do at the home and work to save energy and save money. For more hints on saving electricity, please go to or contact the City’s call centre on 086 010 3089.

Intaka Island is icologie’s favorite training venue because it is a environmental educational facility in a green building that is open to the public for tours and events.

The next lunch that icologie will be hosting at Intaka Island is on 11 August, and will focus on waste management and recycling. For more information and to register for the free lunch hour talk, click here.

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