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A few years ago the Rev. Tri Robinson did an odd thing. Mr. Robinson, a politically conservative Idaho rancher and pastor of the Vineyard Boise Church, took his place at the pulpit, opened his mouth and told his evangelical Christian congregation that it was time to do something about the environment.  “Our truth is that God created the world,” Mr. Robinson tells Bill Moyers on “Is God Green?” “He commissioned us to take care of it. And that’s that.”

This intriguing one-hour documentary will not make evangelical celebrities like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell happy. (Toward the end of the hour, Mr. Robertson is seen telling his audience that “some of the evangelicals are being used by the radical left to further their agenda.”)

Actually, Richard Cizik, a vice president of the National Association of Evangelists, saw the light (so to speak) at a 2002 conference of scientists and religious leaders in Oxford, England. Mr. Cizik (pronounced SIGH-zik), who lives in Virginia, was impressed by Sir John Houghton, a British scientist and fellow evangelical. He told Mr. Moyers that the laws of science “are God’s laws, because they’re the way he runs the universe.”

A lot of American evangelical Christians agree wholeheartedly and are making special efforts to become involved in environmental causes. They call what they’re doing “creation care.

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