“Frack You SHELL”

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ca p5 Fracking doneThis was quite a common sentiment at the demonstration outside parliament last week.  Here we go again…  Multinational corporations raping our environment, polluting and poisoning it for profit.  The argument is not complex.  Fracking poisons our water.  That on its own should be enough for us to say no as we are facing a significant water shortage in South Africa.  With that in mind does it make sense to pollute the few reserves we have?  When the taps run dry where will we be going for water?

The good news is that we have alternatives.  Solar and wind energy which, if not already, will shortly be the cheapest forms of energy generation.  And, if you consider the full cost of the pollution and the consequential social impact, environmental degradation and the clean up costs they are significantly cheaper now.  So why are we doing it?

Well multi-national corporation like Shell stand to make significant profits from exploiting our natural resources and keeping us tied in to energy technologies where they control the energy source.  The same has happened with fuel for our cars, do you have a choice about your car fuel?  No.. you are a slave to them.. you have no choice but to keep paying the ever increasing price at the pump.  Does that feel good?  And while you’re giving them your hard earnt money you’re damaging your environment by polluting the very air you breath and warming the planet.  Feel exploited?  No alternative? Ever heard of electric cars… Fast, clean and cheap to run.  We have an electric scooter that costs R4 to do 60km ( Do I have to visit the gas station, no I just plug it in and whoosh by them silently.

So this is the plan with energy, keeping us dependant and with no other choice.  Wind and Solar are a real, sensible and environmentally friendly choices.  The price of Solar energy production is dropping rapidly and (depending on where you are  in the world) is or will be very shortly (next couple of years) cheaper than Coal and Nuclear.  Did you know it takes 5-10 years to build Coal and Nuclear plants, so investing now in technology which will be more expensive to produce the electricity per kWh in the future means we are tied into producing energy at a very high costs for the next 30 years.  Who is going to pay for this?  Yup you and I are.

So for large scale energy production like this, current solar and wind energy  technologies are already considerably cheaper in the long run and will get even cheaper  as we invest in them more (Economies of scale).  The good news about these technologies is that they start producing energy very quickly.  You don’t have to wait 5-10 years so they’re capacity grows with demand.  Really it is a no brainer.

So Shell thanks but no thanks.  Please evolve and invest your energy and considerable might into renewable technologies.  The era of social and environmental exploitation is over, it’s time for change.

Do you like this future for shell and us?  This future won’t just happen, it will take effort from us all.  The choice is yours… Cheap, clean abundant energy… or locking into ever increasing energy slavery and pollution… what future do you want?

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Andy Le May is a director at icologie a sustainability consultancy that aims to inspire, motivate and educated  to make sustainability a reality.

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Update: Help the Karoo Campaign to SMS the word Karoo to 42030 – R30 will go to the
Treasure the Karoo Action Group for the litigation battle. – Thanks to Michael Raimondo from African Renaissance for the tip.

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    Help the Karoo Campaign to SMS the word Karoo to 42030 – R30 will go to the Treasure the Karoo Action Group for the litigation battle. – Thanks to Michael Raimondo from African Renaissance for the tip.

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