Green Office Week  takes place from 16 to 20 April this year . The week’s aim is to get all of us, at our workplaces,  to introduce or re-focus on making changes that can reduce their environmental footprint, save money, and meet the organisation’s sustainability goals and commitments. Green Office Week is intended both to raise awareness of the importance of eco-friendly offices and inform office workers that they too can make a positive impact on the environment whilst at work. The theme this year is ” you make a difference”- take a look at the  theme and toolkit  for this year…and find tips and hints that can be shared with your co-workers in order to make a difference!

Want to learn more, why not consider registering for the icologie Environmental Baseline Auditing course that enables you to accurately assess your Energy, Water & Waste consumption and use patterns. This information is vital for assessing your operational efficiencies, proving cost savings, and providing input for your sustainability report and governance initiatives. Our course gives the skills you need to effectively measure and manage the environmental footprint of your  business…read more.

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