Healthy Tuck Shop Guide

On 14 December 2010, in News, by Andrew Bennett

The Woolworths education programme has launched the Woolworths Healthy Tuck Shop Guide, a free, downloadable, full colour, 48-page booklet that helps South African schools to align their provision of food at school for children with the latest internationally-accepted nutritional guidelines.

Schools are under ever-increasing pressure to ensure that they enable children to make healthy eating choices at school.

Many traditional tuck shop foods, drinks and snacks do not meet the nutritional standards required to nurture healthy, young bodies and minds.

South African schools need to lead by example and assist their communities by promoting healthy eating habits.

The Woolworths Healthy Tuck Shop Guide is a user-friendly resource that:

  1. encourages and helps schools to enable children to make healthy eating choices
  2. promotes the formulation of a healthy food policy
  3. provides expert advice from a team of registered Dieticians that includes the dietary practice of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA)
  4. provides practical tips for healthy drinks, snacks and cooked lunches that show clearly that there are nutritious alternatives that are just as appealing to children as the traditional tuck shop foods that are often of poorer nutritional quality.

Click here for some tips on putting together a healthy lunchbox
The Woolworths Healthy Tuck Shop Guide is brought to you by Woolworths and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) in association with dieticians Shelly Meltzer & Associates.

It is based on the latest expertise on healthy eating.  This guide complements the nine educator modules the Woolworths education programme has produced for schools on healthy eating, physical exercise and sustainability.

As part of its good business journey, Woolworths is committed to sharing its expertise with South African schools in order to enhance the educational experience of our children.

Click here for a downloadable version of the Healthy Tuck Shop Guide in PDF format.

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