Our Place ….. Our Planet ……. Our Responsibility.

This was the tagline of the World Environment Day 2011.   What does this really mean to you and me?  Can we still sit back and say that it does not involve us; both you and me? We eat food, drink coffee, drive to work, use electricity and all these actions use natural resources.  No, we can’t stop using these, but we do need to think how we can do it more efficiently to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

NewClicks Head Office in Cape Town chose to make a difference by sharing important information and practical tips with their staff in celebration of World Environment Day.  icologie, joined by a few other organisations, participated in the sharing of information by setting up displays in the foyer of the head office.

It was again noticeable to see how people commit to make a difference once they learn of the effects of certain actions and how small actions can make a big difference and savings!


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