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icologie team visits The Green Hub and Priority Zone in Durban

On 30 November 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

The Green Hub:

‘The Green Hub is a multifunction environmental and tourism education and information centre. It is the anchor for the rest of the Green Corridor. Its grounds are popular for picnics and as a cultural event venue. During COP17 the Hub and surrounds will feature a Green Festival. This award-winning solar-powered building is open 7 days per week.

Tel: 031 3038476



Priority Zone:

A holistically healthy urban environment for all residents of eThekwini, radiating outwards from the FMPZ.  A city that is efficient and responsive; attracts property investment and tourism, and creates opportunities for its citizens while always meeting their needs.

 The PZ rooftop garden incorporates indigenous succulents, landscaped gardens, food landscaping, and vegetable and herb tunnels.  The garden was built from recycled products including old tyres, drums and pallets.  A meeting area, relaxation area and chessboard are also incorporated.  Jobs have been created through the maintenance and sale of the produce grown, while a large portion is also donated to charities in the area.  The garden has seen the return of birds, butterflies, and bees.

Before, during, and after COP17, they will be having daily walking tours of the Priority Zone, including the eco-building, rooftop garden, Gugu Dlamini Park, and vegetable gardens around the taxi-holding rank.

Address: 77 Monty Naicker Street, Durban

Tel: (031) 368 2638

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