Joburg Gardens Rocked

On 16 October 2010, in News, by Andrew Bennett

It was the third year that Rocking the Gardens was hosted at the Emmerentia Dam in Johannesburg as a lifestyle music festival based on environmentally sound principles.  About 6000 people attended over two days with a range of music bands and comedians, however the icologie team was focussing on the eco audit and carbon footprint of the event.

A full report will follow soon, however the team can confirm that most of the goals set were achieved!  Some interventions included the use of biodiesel on the generators, use of biodegradable packaging for all the food products, on-site waste separation to ensure maximum recycling, re-purposing of old banners by making chairs for this event, no bottled water sold on site and much more.

The carbon footprint will include all the energy usage for the event, all the flights and transport of the participants and musicians, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions from waste to landfill.  A survey was done on site to get data and we look forward to the final results.

A few pictures are given below, but stay in touch for the full report.

The icologie team

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