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Our experience at icologie – Internship July 2011

On 2 August 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

icologie had its first internship during July, which consisted of five dynamic interns from different backgrounds joining the company for the month. The interns were integrated into the icologie family by the Monday team meeting. Akhona, one of the interns, felt that the Monday team meeting was one of the highlights of the company as he realised that he was going to be working within a family and not just another corporate organisation. We, as the interns, felt that icologie is striving to make a difference and that it practices what it preaches, such as recycling, using a hot box and solar water heater. This we feel is important to set an example for those who work for you.

The interns were integrated into different aspects of icologie such as marketing, research and training. Richard and I were integrated into marketing section of icologie by creating a media database, helping with social media marketing and doing interviews for the August newsletter. Training and research is a huge part of what icologie offers to organisations and individuals. Akhona, Agripa and Wade had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the training and research aspect of the business. They were involved in the SMART Office Practical Solutions course where they did presentations on social media (Richard) and sustainability at Metropolitan Life (Agripa) and created a questionnaire for the course to see the level of knowledge people have concerning sustainability.

I feel the internship was a success as it allowed the interns the opportunity to create value within icologie, while at the same time allowing the interns to gain experience in their studying fields. icologie is an organisation that allowed us to feel that we were important and that our ideas were valuable. I would recommend that other students should take the opportunity to apply for the next internship as it helps your CVs, helps gain experience concerning sustainability and teaches you new ways of working in a team.




Here are quotes from the interns on their experience at icologie.



“It was a great experience in a very different working environment. I loved working with people from different backgrounds. I especially enjoyed the check-in times on Mondays. I think it is vital for companies to know how everyone is doing in order to move forward in the most effective manner.”


“It was an incredible time. I learned to work independently and got the opportunity to express myself. I felt that my input was valued and that I was part of the ‘team’. I also thoroughly enjoyed the management’s accessible leadership style.”


“It was good to see that icologie practice what they preach. I got to see the day-to-day inner workings of the company and enjoyed the discussions with the great people that make up the icologie team.”


“I count it a privilege to have been given this opportunity. I loved working with the icologie team and getting to run with small projects. It is awesome to be involved with a group of people as passionate about sustainable development as icologie is. I had so much fun and learned a lot more about what it takes to run a business. Thanks guys!”


“It was a fabulous time at icologie. I loved being able to work within the icologie family and being able to see how they operate as a family. One of the highlights for me was being challenged  about my day-to-day habits and the marketing industry, Andrew, as it made me question myself and made me want to make a difference.”


Article written by Bianca Angelico, July intern and student at UCT. 


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