Green Office Week 16 to 20 April- whats your baseline??

On 26 March 2012, in Environmental Diary, Events, Training News, by Andrew Bennett

Green Office Week  takes place from 16 to 20 April this year . The week’s aim is to get all of us, at our workplaces,  to introduce or re-focus on making changes that can reduce their environmental footprint, save money, and meet the organisation’s sustainability goals and commitments. Green Office Week is intended both to raise awareness of the importance of eco-friendly […]


Water is life: Respect it, Conserve it Enjoy it- National Water Week 5-11 March 2012

On 6 March 2012, in Environmental Diary, News, by Andrew Bennett

Did you know……… ……that more people in the world have mobile phones than toilets? ……one in eight people (884 million)  people lack access to safe water supplies ……that water and sanitation borne diseases claim more lives than any war claims through guns ……that 12-14 million South Africans do not have access to safe drinking water […]

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day – 27 September 2011

On 30 September 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

27 September 2011 is Earth Overshoot Day. As of now, humanity is in ecological overdraft for the year, according to Global Footprint Network. In approximately nine months, we have already demanded a level of ecological services equivalent to what the planet can provide for all of 2011. From an ecological standpoint, we have effectively spent […]


Think Twice Recycling Campaign expands

On 10 August 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

Northern Suburbs join curb-side recycling This month another milestone in the roll out of waste minimisation in our country is reached, when Cape Town’s northern suburbs join the Think Twice curb-side recycling initiative to have their domestic recyclables collected and transported to a nearby materials recovery centre. Altogether 38 000 new households from Welgemoed to […]

The Protein Crunch

World Population Count

On 2 August 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

Monday, 11 June 2011 came and went for me without being much of an event. Nothing significant happened that I can recall.  Anything interesting your side? What about the other 6,9 billion people on earth? How many of us actually gave a second thought to the fact that it was World Population Day? I started […]

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Energy-saving lunch hour talk at Intaka Island

On 2 August 2011, in Events, Lunch hour talk, News, by Andrew Bennett

On Thursday, 07 July 2011 icologie hosted another lunch time talk at Intaka Island in Century City. Participants took their seats after warming their bellies with quality Intaka Island soup, bread rolls and coffee (alas, the soup recipe is unfortunately not available). The aim of the lunch-time presentation hosted by the ever charismatic Andy Le […]

Smart Living Handbook 2011

Smart Living Handbook update 2011

On 13 July 2011, in Community Projects, Completed Projects, News, Resources, Tools, by Andrew Bennett

The Smart Living Handbook is a very successful publication of the City of Cape Town used for training and awareness around sustainable living. The handbook addresses issues of waste, water, energy and biodiversity, considering key challenges and offering lots of practical advice for what you can do to move towards sustainability. This handbook required an […]

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Smart Living – Corporate Campaign

On 13 July 2011, in Community Projects, Completed Projects, by Andrew Bennett

“Current global consumption patterns are unsustainable; efficiency gains and technological advances alone will not be sufficient to reduce consumption to sustainable levels. Changes will also be required to consumer lifestyles, including the ways in which consumers choose and use products and services.” World Council for Sustainable Business (WCSB), Sustainable Consumption Report (Nov. 2008) The SMART […]

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Global Change – Green Audit and Retrofit for Schools

On 13 July 2011, in Community Projects, Completed Projects, by Andrew Bennett

The Global Change Project is a partnership initiative between the City of Cape Town and Centre for Climate and Earth System Science (ACCESS) with a focus on high schools in Cape Town. ACCESS is a multi-institutional body facilitating earth system science research and capacity building and training. They are involved in various educational and outreach […]

The Green Expo Launched

On 3 March 2011, in News, by Andrew Bennett

Three City Events have just launched “The Green Expo” and icologie is their sustainability partner. This expo will bring together all those who believe that a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible but also trendy and cool. Exhibitors will include any business or organization that is involved with, or would like to publicise their efforts […]