The first step to sustainability?

On 30 November 2011, in Andy Le May, News, by Andrew Bennett

We are happier when we give than when we get, but if we are empty inside and we give, we need to get. In this state if we give, we expect, we need & we crave something back. If we don’t get anything back all sorts of needy behaviours come up in us as we feel hurt, used, empty and unappreciated. These needy behaviours can make the people around us feel uneasy and pressured, which results in them withdrawing even more and making our problem worse as we feel rejected too.

We can’t buy or pressurise someone to give us real love and care. So perhaps the first step in being able to sustainably give and care for those around us, is to start to love and care for ourselves. This creates a strong independent us that does not need, is full and able to give without expectation.

This excerpt from the 2005 Luc Bessons movie Angel-A perhaps gives us a glimpse of what it feel like to start this process.

Sharing is giving and investing in each other, filling each other. I feel this simple act is what will create the world we dream to live in.


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