The revenge of the Electric Car

On 19 October 2011, in Andy Le May, News, Transport, by Andrew Bennett

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Countdown to Beta
Revenge of the Electric Car is hitting theaters the weekend of Oct. 21-23. From the makers of “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, it follows Tesla’s industry-catalyzing role in the resurgence and rise of electric vehicles. Tesla gave director Chris Paine insider access to capture unprecedented footage of Tesla’s history and growth leading up to the launch of Model S, the electric sedan poised to turn the tide against the internal combustion mainstream.The movie opens this upcoming weekend in Los Angeles before rolling out to theaters across the country in November. A full schedule of showtimes can be found here. Want to hold a “Revenge” party? Request the movie to come to a theater near you.
Countdown to Beta
Countdown to Beta
“As a handful of journalists snapped pictures, poked at touch screens, and flipped open the charging ports on the trio of preproduction (Betas, they call them) Model S’s parked outside the Tesla (ex-NUMMI) factory in Fremont, California, I had one solitary thought:
This is it,” Motor Trend reported. Read the full review here.Tesla unveiled the Model S Beta prototype to the world on October 1 to nearly 3,000 reservation holders and the press. Closely approximating the final fit, finish and performance of Model S, the Betas represent a final phase of development before delivery begins next year.A new Model S homepage provides more information on the vehicle’s features and advanced technology than ever before.
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