Late last week, Pick n Pay was awarded the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Award as well as the Innovation Through Technology Award at the annual African Access National Business Awards. The retailer also won second place in the Mail & Guardian‘s annual ‘Greening the Future’ awards for the most innovative environmental strategy.

Said Bronwen Rohland, Pick n Pay’s marketing and sustainability director, “We were among the first retailers to highlight the importance of sustainable living in the early 1990’s and in the past two decades, it has invested a considerable amount of time, energy, money and commitment in making sure business moves rapidly to the highest levels of sustainability. Incorporating good practice not only into its business but also into the product ranges it offers.”We are considered one of South Africa’s greenest retailers and we work very hard to make sure sustainable practices are part of our core activities.”

Leading the way

Last year, the company opened its new flagship store, Pick n Pay on Nicol in Hurlingham, marking the turning point in sustainable architecture for South African retail stores. Representing the latest in global building trends, it successfully combines a natural design offering aesthetic ambience, energy efficiency and responsible use of natural resources.

The company has led the way in a number of sustainability initiatives in the past decade. Waste management and recycling continues to remain a primary focus area for Pick n Pay. Waste is sorted and sent for recycling at all corporate stores and hypermarkets, which in addition to creating new jobs, has also reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills dramatically.

“We will continue to research, innovate and apply our findings to business practices and ultimately share our journey with our customers in order to assist them in reducing their own impact on the environment through adopting more sustainable lifestyles,” concluded Rohland.



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