Change as Learning

Our training workshops, learning programmes & educational campaigns are supporting the change to sustainable living and driving the efficient use of resources throughout Southern Africa.

We have a range of learning interventions designed to meet the needs of businesses, local government, organisations and individuals.

Broadly, we offer our sustainability learning interventions as:

  • Scheduled Training CoursesOur range of 1- and 2-day training courses and workshops run on specific dates through the year.
  • Integrated Training ProgrammesOur course material and delivery customised to suite your specific organisational requirements.
  • Strategy Workshops: Our team facilitating, advising and mentoring your organisation on sustainability strategy and solutions.

Complex Challenges

We acknowledge that the subjects of sustainability and climate change are vast, dynamic and complex depending on the level of understanding and application one requires. Adapting to sustainability can be particularly challenging too, as most of our systems and products in society are knowingly and unknowingly designed to not be sustainable.

New Ways of Thinking

At icologie we believe it is up to all of us to be aware of why we need to change and know where we can start doing things differently in our lives and work. Lack of awareness is, more often than not, the greatest obstacle to changing human behaviour. So too, solving complex problems requires a new mindset or different way of thinking about them, often requiring us to start by looking at our immediate surroundings and within ourselves. In this respect, French microbiologist and philosopher, René Jules Dubos, said:

“Think globally, act locally…”

Be the Change

Our training courses and programmes are delivered in the form of interactive workshops and campaigns presented by engaging experienced icologie facilitators, and other experts in our network. Your whole experience with us is important to us. From the quality of the teaching and our material to the “greenness” of the venue and catering we want you to see, feel and know sustainability in action.

In our learning programmes we use a variety of media when presenting, but our focus is very much on the importance of people engaging with each other.  We emphasise audience participation and experiential learning activities. Practical hands-on demonstrations (of solar water heaters, water-efficient shower heads, energy-saving devices, green products etc.) are often a signature feature of our workshops.


Your feedback is vital to our continuous learning and improvement, and we welcome it. We have an online feedback form system to ensure efficiency, resource conservation and have even introduced iPads on our courses for you to submit your comments.

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