Environmental Law for Sustainability

Is your business compliant?

How environmentally compliant is your organisation?

In today’s Green Economy, environmental regulation and standards are more strictly applied. In fact, leading companies are even moving beyond compliance towards integrative sustainability practices such as Governance for Transparency.

Get up-to-date with the latest environmental governance practices and auditing processes.

EnAct International & icologie

This course is presented as a collaboration between EnAct International and icologie. EnAct is an environmental law and policy consultancy that specialises in developing and strengthening governance systems that promote ecologically sustainable societies. Founded in London in 1994, EnAct is now based in Cape Town, South Africa with offices in both the Mother City and Durban.

Together with their sister law firm Cullinan & Associates Inc, a specialist firm that provides legal services to clients in the Green Economy, EnAct are committed to developing better ways for humans to govern themselves so that we all can enjoy a viable future within healthy ecosystems.

This is where transparency in your business operations is needed, which can lead to proactive management and sustainable change.

What can you expect?

We teach the basics of Environmental Compliance & Auditing in South Africa and importantly how to move your business beyond ”rules & tools” to the transparent “principles & process” of Sustainability Practice.

The course is an intensive 1-day workshop that combines an introduction to environmental law, including the key statutes and who is liable under environmental law, together with international standards (such as ISO14001), and the emerging exciting fields of Earth Jurisprudence.

We allow you to explore the concepts and test your understanding with others on the course using experiential learning methods in an open-space format.

What is the course content?

Course content includes modules on:

1. Sustainability Frameworks & Concepts
  • Systems Thinking – Limits to Growth
  • Biodiversity & Natural Capital – The Green Economy
  • Sustainability Practice – Governance for Transparency
2. Introduction to South African Environmental Law & Governance
  • Environmental Governance – Current trends including Earth Jurisprudence
  • Overview of Environmental Law – Application, Scope and Practice
3. Key Statutes in South African Law
  • The Constitution – Roles, Responsibilities and Co-operative governance
  • National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) Suite
4. Environmental Liability
  • Cost Recovery – Rehabilitating the damage
  • Statutory & Civil Liability – Who can incur blame?
  • Environmental Crimes – Green Scorpions, NEMA offenses schedule, Consumer Protection Act
  • Assessing & Managing Your Risk – Developing your action plan

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at operational leaders and managers across all business sectors including: Development & Property Managers, Built Environment Practitioners, Facilities Managers, Health, Safety & Environment Managers, Environmental Officers, and Environmental Consultants.