Sustainability & Climate Change

What does Sustainability really mean?

Sustainability is big challenge but actually will drive the next wave of innovation in our society.

This high impact 1-day course presents the key aspects of sustainability and climate change from a global, local and personal perspective. Delivered in a conversational interactive style, it demystifies the technical jargon and presents the important concepts in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Participants will receive a comprehensive course workbook with additional reading and resource material.

The course will provide you with a clear understanding of:

  • Key concepts and terminology of sustainable development
  • Climate change as a symptom and risk of unsustainable practices
  • Sustainability opportunities and strategies in the new Green Economy

Why Do the Course?

Attending the course will give you:

  • A “big picture” understanding of sustainability
  • Understanding of business opportunities and risks associated with Climate Change
  • Knowledge to make high level sustainability decisions
  • Options for making personal lifestyle changes
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded individuals

What’s In The Course

The content provides a critical view of the world we live and work in. It weaves the science, history, politics and economics of climate change as the basis for understanding sustainability and the need to change our lifestyles.

Section 1 – The Challenge of Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainable Development:
  • What does “sustainable development” really mean?
  • How sustainably are we living?
  • What is the sustainability paradox?
Earth’s Changing Climate:
  • How is the Earth’s climate changing?
  • What is the role of the atmosphere and greenhouse gases?
  • What is the evidence for climate change impacts?

Section 2 – Global and Local Politics

International Response to Climate Change:
  • Who are the global authorities and decision-makers?
  • What’s been agreed at the various COPs?
  • What are the instruments to reduce emissions?
South Africa’s Response:
  • What is South Africa’s Climate Change Policy?
  • What are our key sustainability challenges?
  • What national targets, legislation and standards are in place?

Section 3 – Journey to Sustainable Development

Frameworks and strategies for Sustainability:
  • How do we prepare and plan for a journey to sustainability?
  • Where do look for guidance on sustainability?
  • What are sustainable systems and practices?
Principles of a Sustainable Economy:
  • What is a sustainable economy based on?
  • What are the principles of Green Economics?
  • What are your risks, opportunities and next steps?

Who Should Attend?

Anyone part of or involved in the process of change towards sustainability in their organization will benefit from the sound grounding that this course offers.

  • Sustainability managers and teams
  • Health, Safety and Environment managers and staff
  • Facilities and buildings managers
  • Store and department managers
  • Factory, plant and operations managers
  • Technical services managers and staff
  • Human Resource managers and staff
  • CSR managers and staff
  • Communications managers
  • New business managers
  • Marketing managers and staff
  • Environmental and energy consultants

Comments from attendees

“After attending the session, one realises that it’s not all doom and gloom. Sustainability offers the world opportunities to rise to a new level of prosperity in the upcoming age; but then again, it all depends on the choices I will make today.” Faith Chihumbiri, City of Cape Town