Intaka Island

Intaka Island is a a 16ha wetlands and bird sanctuary that is situated at the centre of Century City approximately 7km to the east of Cape Town CBD, just north of the N1 Highway.

Intaka, which means ‘bird’ in Xhosa, is a unique example of nature conservation and property development co-existing in harmony and for mutual benefit.  Apart from the sprawling wetlands, cacophony of rare and popular birds and exquisite flora, Intaka Island offers you a piece of solace to take a stroll, relax, get in touch with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At the main point of arrival you will find the multi-function Environmental Education Centre which showcases sustainable living through energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction. The large windows provides natural light and ventilation, while the toilet and kitchen facilities provide hands-on examples of optimal use of water.

Intaka Island is definitely our favorite venue for training and lunch hour talks and we enjoy working with the team from Intaka to promote sustainable living in a practical manner.

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